Richard Brehaut stands out during UCLA mini-scrimmage

For those fixated on the UCLA quarterback competition, this was a Richard Brehaut day.

Brehaut drove the Bruins to a touchdown, tossing a three-yard pass to Joseph Fauria for the score, during a mini-scrimmage Saturday afternoon.

Kevin Prince produced a touchdown, as well, though he’d like to have the throw back. His screen pass was tipped by linebacker Sean Westgate and intercepted by defensive end Datone Jones, who ran to the end zone.

What this all means is … well, very little.

Coach Rick Neuheisel was pleased with Brehaut — “He was very sharp” — and less so with Prince — “Kevin wasn’t sharp this afternoon.”

Said Neuheisel: “We’ll continue to evaluate … I will.”

But Prince was with the first team during the scrimmage.

Prince completed two of four passes for minus-two yards. But he directed the “pistol” offense’s running game flawlessly, finishing with 22 yards in three carries.

“They came with a blitz and I just didn’t get the pass high enough,” Prince said about the interception.

Prince was facing live action for the first time since before his knee surgery in October, but didn’t feel rusty.

“We’ve been practicing pretty hard, so the tempo felt the same to me,” Prince said. “The only difference was guys were getting tackled.”


Brehaut was three for four for 12 yards.

“I think I’ve shown I can handle everything [the coaches] throw at me,” Brehaut said. “I have really cut down on my mental mistakes.”

Sack a lot?

The two highlight moments of the morning practice involved Brehaut.

After holding onto the ball too long on a pass play, Neuheisel had Brehaut lay on the ground and said to players, “Come drag him off, ‘throw out your dead. Throw out your dead!’ ”

Bad audible. The line from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” is “Bring out your dead.” But the point was made.

Brehaut, moments later, flicked the best pass of camp, with the ball traveling about 65 yards into Devin Lucien’s hands.

Can’t stomach it

Some UCLA players were too ill to practice because of possible food poisoning.

Fauria, wide receiver Jerry Johnson, linebacker Jared Koster and strong safety Dietrich Riley sat out the morning practice. Fauria returned in the afternoon.

Quarterback Nick Crissman joined the sick list in the afternoon.

Said Neuheisel: “I don’t know if it is fair to call it food poisoning. It might just be a flu outbreak.”

Several players said they would be wary of the prime rib next time.

Quick hits

Safety Tevin McDonald (ankle) and cornerback Jamie Graham (knee) sat out practice. … Brett Hundley, recovering from knee surgery, briefly went through quarterback drills for the first time and could be back next week. … Freshman linebacker Mike Orloff will undergo surgery in his left knee for torn cartilage and a loose ligament. … Kicking woes continue. Kip Smith was chewed out by Neuheisel after consecutive short kickoffs.