Nate Adams claims another gold medal by winning Moto X Speed and Style

Nate Adams waited seven years to win his second gold medal in Moto X Freestyle with the victory on Friday night. He hardly waited 24 hours before adding another gold, winning the Moto X Speed and Style competition Saturday.

“Sometimes it goes in your favor and sometimes it doesn’t,” Adams said. “And sometimes it really goes in your favor. I guess this week is just my week.”

Technically speaking, Adams, the returning silver medalist, did not cross the finish line first in the Speed and Style race, as Mike Mason claimed the checkered flag by 1.53 seconds. Fortunately for Adams, he had racked up enough style points to claim the title with a tally of 90 points, compared to Mason’s total of 88.53 points, 87 from style and 1.53 for the time difference.

“When I crossed the finish line I thought Mike had two or three bike lengths on me and that would be enough gap to beat me,” Adams said. “They told me in the post-race interview that I had won ? I had no idea.”


The difference-maker in the four-lap race came at the very beginning of the second lap, as Adams launched himself off the dirt-jump in Staples Center. His 360-degree trick set his style mark high from the start.

“It’s the hardest [trick],” Adams said. “I didn’t want my hands or arms to get a little pumped-up or tired three or four laps in, so I got the [360] out of the way in the first lap and had the other two flip tricks.”

Ronnie Faisst beat Carey Hart in both speed and style to claim the bronze medal.

In the quarterfinals, Jeremy Stenberg suffered a nasty fall on his third lap. Stenberg hit the main dirt-jump with plenty of speed, and appeared to be attempting a backflip when he separated from his bike. Stenberg, the defending bronze medalist, fell to the dirt feet-first and was carted out of the arena on a stretcher. An ESPN spokeswoman said he suffered a right hind foot injury and was on his way for X-rays.


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