UCLA Coach Jim Mora has quarterbacks, USC on his mind

UCLA football coach Jim Mora was part of an impressive panel that handled the topic, “Is L.A. ready for the NFL?” a forum sponsored by Zocalo Public Square.

Mora, former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman, UCLA economist Lee Ohanian and Los Angeles Times NFL columnist Sam Farmer dissected the issues and possibilities regarding stadium construction and franchise relocation.

All agreed that the NFL is destined to return to Los Angeles.

Mora, hired as UCLA’s coach in December, was focused on the Bruins as well, at one point jokingly asking Aikman, “You have any eligibility left?”


Quarterbacks were indeed on his mind. During the question-and-answer session, a member of the audience asked, “I have a question for Coach Mora …”

Mora interrupted, saying, “Who’s going to be our quarterback?” He was later asked about whether he would have two quarterbacks ready and shuffle them. Mora said, “If you have two quarterbacks then you have no quarterbacks. We’re going to identify a guy and ride him.”

UCLA has a surplus of quarterbacks, including seniors Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut, redshirt freshman Brett Hundley and incoming freshmen T.J. Millweard and Devin Fuller.

Millweard will enroll early so he can compete with Prince, Brehaut and Hundley in spring practice.

Mora was quick to get involved with the UCLA-USC rivalry Friday.

Moderator Conan Nolan, a general assignment reporter for NBC in Los Angeles, asked Mora, “As the head coach of the other … of one of the only two teams we have in Southern California, do you want to see an NFL team? USC and UCLA, when you want to watch football, that’s where you go here.”

Mora said, “I think this area can support a pro football team as well as support UCLA and that other school.” Mora then smiled and pointed at Nolan, “Now you’re wearing a red tie, is that an indicator?”

Nolan said it was just a “coincidence.”

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