Robert Griffin's stock -- and socks -- are on the rise

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III didn't throw at the scouting combine -- he will do that at his campus pro day -- but he wowed NFL teams with his blistering-fast 4.41-second 40-yard dash.

Maybe his socks had something to do with it.

Griffin, you see, is an avid collector of all kinds of socks. You might remember the Superman ones he wore at the Heisman Trophy ceremony, complete with dangling capes. On his first full day at the combine, he wore a pair depicting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

"It started my sophomore year in high school," he said. "I wasn’t one that really matched all that well. That’s why the socks usually never match anything I’m wearing. It’s to show I’m comfortable with who I am, I’m comfortable in my own skin. The socks are just a representation of that."

He's got Elmo socks, Hello Kitty socks, enough socks to wear a different pair every day for at least two months.

Really, though, the only important socks at the combine were the ones he knocked off everybody watching.


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