Dwight Howard won’t say if he’s sweet on L.A.

Dwight Howard stood outside a Dodger Stadium suite Tuesday night trying to decide what to eat off the dessert cart.

He took forever, and when he began to recite out loud, “eeny, meeny, miny, moe,”’ I asked him if that was how he was going to pick where he played.

He mimicked as if he would, saying “this team and that team,” but unfortunately stopping when his attention returned to the desserts.

Then his security guard got in my face and told me he does the talking for Howard. That will be fun if he comes to L.A.

A fan yelled to Howard, “Are you coming to L.A.?”

And Howard replied with the consent of his security guard, “I’m here now.” He paused, and then added, “to rehab.”

I asked about his back, which he had surgically repaired, and he said he will be fine for the start of the season, but he said he could not talk about basketball.

What else would you want to talk to Howard about?

A few minutes later the Dodgers showed Howard on the big screen in left field eating his dessert. He drew considerable applause, and I wonder what the reaction would be if they showed Andrew Bynum on the big screen.

The word around the Lakers earlier in the day was the team might know by Wednesday whether there is any reason to pursue Howard.

There was no meeting with Howard, as has been reported elsewhere, but they have been talking to the Orlando Magic steadily about Howard’s availability.

The Lakers, though, now believe Orlando has no interest in Bynum, which has forced the Lakers’ brass to look for a third team to place Bynum and secure what the Magic might take.

As for Howard, he settled on a huge caramel apple with M&Ms; attached, and then also wanted a piece of lemon cake.

He does seem to want it all.