Should the NFL’s Pro Bowl have been canceled? [Poll]

The NFL Pro Bowl isn’t going away after all! What great news!

Unless you happen to be a fan of watching the absolute best players participate in the game at its absolute highest level. Then you might not be so psyched.

But maybe you don’t mind that the best players from the best teams in each conference aren’t able to take part in the so-called all-star game because they have a little event called the Super Bowl to get ready for the following week. Not to mention all the other top-notch players that will be absent due to being battered around for the last four-plus months.

Maybe you, like Commissioner Roger Goodell, believe the players when they promise that we won’t see another debacle like last season’s 59-41 AFC victory.


Or maybe you will take any NFL, any way you can get it. Now that I completely understand.

No matter how you feel about the annual event, it’s going to happen again this season. Weeks after Goodell threatened to pull the plug, the league announced Wednesday that there will be a Pro Bowl in Honolulu during the off week between the conference championships and Super Bowl in 2013.

Personally, I have only watched one Pro Bowl game ever, and I’m glad I did. Not because of anything that happened on the field (couldn’t tell you one thing that did), but because I got to hear Peyton Manning rip into his “idiot kicker” on live TV. You just can’t get that kind of entertainment anywhere else.

What do you think? Is the Pro Bowl worth watching? Vote in the poll, then leave a comment explaining why you voted the way you did.



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