Watch: Eric Berry’s fear of horses follows him to football field

Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry is terrified of horses. It’s a condition known as equinophobia.

Normally any kind of phobia isn’t a laughing matter. But there’s a video of Berry on the Chiefs’ sideline and on the field with team mascot, Warpaint, nearby that has everybody rolling on the floor.

One scene shows Berry backing away from a team huddle after spotting a cheerleader riding Warpaint far off behind the corner of the end zone.

“Oh, she needs to go on ahead with that horse,” Berry is heard saying. “I don’t fool with no horses, boy.”

In another video, the charismatic player explains the genesis of his fear. Once again, it’s pretty hilarious.


“I got chased by a pony when I was younger on a field trip,” Berry tells a group of laughing reporters. “I don’t know if it was actually chasing me but it came my way.”


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