NASCAR champ Brad Keselowski defends doing interview with ‘buzz’


Brad Keselowski had a memorable interview with ESPN after winning the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series championship, one in which he drank Miller Lite beer -- his main sponsor -- from an oversized glass and acknowledged he had “a little buzz going here.”

If anyone had a problem with that, Keselowski wasn’t among them.

“It looked like a guy that was having fun, which is what I was having,” Keselowski, 28, said Tuesday on a conference call with reporters. “I’m proud of that moment. I’m proud to be a Sprint Cup champion.”

Asked if he was concerned about any objections to his behavior Sunday night, the Penske Racing driver replied, “Everybody faces their criticism no matter what you do.”


“You’re never going to get all of the people to like something that you do, it’s not possible,” said Keselowski, who also quoted Winston Churchill during the interview at Homestead-Miami (Fla.) Speedway.

“Someone’s always going to dislike something you do, and you have to roll that off your shoulders and move on,” he said. “I had fun and I wanted to show that fun and enjoy it with others.”


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