Ray Lewis might not be done for the season after all

As expected, Ray Lewis was placed on injured reserve Wednesday by the Baltimore Ravens.

In an unexpected move, however, Coach John Harbaugh did not put the team's star linebacker on the season-ending list but rather the newly created designated-to-return list.

That means Lewis is eligible to return to practice in six weeks and can be placed on the active roster in eight weeks.

The move came a day after Harbaugh announced that the 17-year veteran would be out for the rest of the season with a full triceps tear.

Ravens fans probably shouldn't get too excited about this. After all, Lewis has an injury that is said to require four to six months for recovery.

But even though a team can use the designation just once in a season, the Ravens have their eyes on the Super Bowl this season. So if there's even the slightest possibility they can have their team leader on the field for the stretch run, the Ravens apparently are willing to take that chance.

“There’s an opportunity [for him to return] and we are going to keep the door open,” Harbaugh said.


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