Trevor Bauer tweets he is ashamed Barack Obama is president

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Trevor Bauer pitching against the Dodgers in July.
(Rick Scuteri / Associated Press)

Former UCLA star Trevor Bauer, currently pitching in the Arizona Diamondbacks organization, sent out a tweet Monday night during the presidential debate that has drawn criticism for its content.

He said: “Obama looked childish and petty tonight. I’m ashamed that he is commander in chief of this great nation.”

Some people took offense at that, saying that such a statement crosses the line. Bauer followed up his original tweet with a series of tweets defending himself to those who were unhappy with him.


“it’s funny. All of them are able to give me their opinion about my opinion, but I’m not allowed to give my opinion lol.”

He also, when asked why he was unhappy with Obama during the debate, said:

“insulting romneys intelligence saying we have less horses and bayonets now and ships that go under water. Also, attacking mitt and interrupting him constantly among other things.”

However, it was his first tweet that some people took offense at. You have to give Bauer credit for backing up his words, answering those who disagreed without anger. But you also have to wonder why athletes open themselves up to this type of criticism.

Whatever you think, at least Bauer didn’t do what a lot of athletes do in this situation. Most athletes would claim their account was hacked and then delete the offending tweet. Bauer stood his ground and calmly debated the matter with his detractors.

Calm, rational discussion on Twitter about the presidential election? Isn’t that one of the signs that the world is coming to an end?



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