David Gilliland to Danica Patrick: ‘Shut up and race’

Danica Patrick in her car before the start of the STP 400 on Sunday.
(Todd Warshaw / Getty Images)

It appears that not every driver on the NASCAR circuit is a fan of Danica Patrick, the media darling who joined the Sprint Cup series full-time this year.

One driver who isn’t a fan: David Gilliland.


During the STP 400 on Sunday in Kansas City, Kansas, Patrick told her team over the radio, talking about Gilliland, “He tries to take me out every time. Tell his spotter that I’m coming after him if he does it again. In fact, I might just do it right now.”

Patrick didn’t retaliate for whatever she thinks Gilliland did, and she avoided reporters after the race.

Gilliland, though, did have a response when he learned what Patrick had said. It was just four words long and was delivered through his spokeswoman, Shari Spiewak: “Shut up and race.”

It appears the ball is now in Patrick’s court. What will her response be? Hopefully she doesn’t respond, and we can all just move on.


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