Michael Jordan turns 50: See his AARP membership card

Michael Jordan's AARP membership card.

Who is the best player in the NBA? Kobe Bryant? LeBron James? While that debate rages on, the greatest player in NBA history, Michael Jordan, has found another way to surpass them.

He leads them in AARP membership cards, 1-0.


In recognition of Jordan’s 50th birthday Sunday, the American Assn. of Retired Persons released a photo of its present to him: His first AARP card. Every 50-year-old is eligible to join AARP, and Jordan finally reached that magic number.

So, MJ, next time you go golfing, whip out that card and score a discount. Get that senior rate at the movie theater. Heck, maybe they will be playing a re-release of “Space Jam.”

It’s good to see a retired NBA star get something that will save him a buck or two. Jordan must be down to his last $500 million by now.


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