Watch Blake Griffin and Chris Paul crack jokes with Jimmy Kimmel


Clippers superstars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul made an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday, discussing everything from Paul’s son to team owner Donald Sterling.

The Clippers, who have the best record in the NBA at 28-8, are having a record-setting season, which has included a franchise-best 17-game win streak.

Many of the players attribute their success to the team’s strong chemistry, which is palpable in Griffin and Paul’s two-part interview with Kimmel.


Some of the highlights:

On whether they take extra pleasure in beating the Lakers:

“It’s just another game on our schedule,” Griffin said.

Responded Kimmel: “I don’t believe that for one second.”

On the team’s superstitions during the 17-game win streak:

“We had to play the exact same song before we left the locker room,” Griffin said. (The song was Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.”)

Added Paul: “Lamar Odom had a little dance to it that he did every game.”

On Lamar Odom:

“He’s been a great teammate all year long,” Griffin said. “We’ve had a team full of great teammates.”

On the team’s photos of players sleeping on planes, a phenomenon that they dubbed “Got ‘em”:

(Kimmel showed a bunch of photos, including three of Paul. The point guard joked about each photo, pretending that he was awake.) Said Paul: “I was just reading actually ... I was singing ... I was praying right before we took off.”

On Paul’s 3-year-old son, Lil’ Chris, saying that his favorite player is Blake Griffin:

“Unfortunately,” Paul quipped. “Not me. I mean, I’m his dad. You’d think that it would be me, but he absolutely loves Blake.”

On Griffin’s relationship with Lil’ Chris:

“Lil Chris and I have a great relationship,” Griffin said. “He comes and we talk after almost every game.”

On whether Paul is jealous of Griffin’s relationship with Lil’ Chris:

“At times, but I work through it,” Paul said. “My wife, she’s helping me see counseling about it.”

On whether Sterling led the team in a cheer of “hip, hip, hooray” during the win streak:

“I don’t even remember -- that was so long ago,” Griffin said.

Said Kimmel: “That’s interesting that you have mutual amnesia during a time like this.”

On whether the team goes along with Sterling’s cheers:

“Well, he writes the checks to us, so we do,” Griffin said.

Added Paul: “And a great man is he.”


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