Watch Drake get blocked from Miami Heat locker room

Drake, we get it.

Everywhere you go, lines part and doors open. Traffic lights probably even know to turn green when you’re approaching.


There’s one place, though, where your celebrity won’t work: An NBA locker room.

After the Miami Heat beat the San Antonio Spurs in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Drake wanted in on the party.

Thing is, reporters are on this very evil thing called “deadline,” so athlete-rapper social hour is not encouraged.

The security guard at the locker room door succinctly broke it down for Drake: “There’s no access,” he said. “No, this is media.”

Drake then tried to pull a fast one, saying, “I am media.”

Now, reporters are super-popular and often have really large entourages, but somehow the savvy locker room guard was not fooled.


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