Watch goal-scoring toddler upstage a retiring Chelsea veteran


Josh Turnbull may have been alive for less than a quarter of the amount of time that Paulo Ferreira has spent playing for Chelsea, but that didn’t stop the toddler from upstaging the retiring defender after the club’s final match of the season on Sunday.

Ferreira was addressing the crowd after his final game with the team he has played for since 2004 when the 2-year-old son of Chelsea backup goalkeeper Ross Turnbull saw a soccer ball just laying there and couldn’t resist.

As the boy slowly dribbled the massive (to him) ball toward the net, the crowd took notice and started cheering him on. Ferreira eventually paused mid-speech to give the adorable little guy wearing a Chelsea uniform the full spotlight.


Young Josh did not waste the opportunity. After a lot of hard work, he finally got the ball across the goal line, much to the delight of the Chelsea supporters.

Once Josh realized what he had accomplished, he threw up his arms in triumph and the crowd erupted once again, singing, “Sign him up!”

Check out all the cuteness in the video above.


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