Could Florida State, Ohio State soon be moving up in rankings?

Take a snapshot of these rankings because they could look different next week. Florida State and Ohio State could be the new 1-2 if Louisiana State and Stanford take out the nation's leaders in Tuscaloosa and Palo Alto. Clemson's Tigers should be embarrassed at No. 7 after losing so badly to Florida State, but where else are you going to put them? Good timing: Arizona State's athletic director left for unranked Texas the same week the Sun Devils got back in Rankman's top 25. Making a move down the stretch is racehorse Michigan State, so completely underrated by all of us that the Spartans should play Clemson just to prove it.

1; Alabama 8-0; After Sunday's segment, Saban says he could cut 15 minutes of fat out of "60 Minutes." (1)

2; Oregon 8-0; It's been almost a calendar year since QB Mariota threw his last pick, against Stanford. (2)

3; Florida State 8-0; Players required to know Stanford fight song by Thursday's pep rally. (3)

4; Ohio State 9-0; Tough crowd: Buckeyes beat Purdue, 56-0, and barely moved the BCS needle. (4)

5; Stanford 7-1; Aw shoot, Oregon, the lawnmower broke and the grass may be ankle high in some places. (5)

6; Baylor 7-0; Easy no-money-down Big 12 schedule comes with huge balloon payment. (7)

7; Clemson 8-1; Dating Maryland and Virginia was good idea after getting dumped by Florida State. (8)

8; Oklahoma 7-1; Stoops says Baylor reminds him of silent film up-tempo powerhouse: The Keystone Cops. (9)

9; South Carolina 7-2; QB Shaw is tougher than a $5 steak and Johnny Cash's "Boy Named Sue." (10)

10; Missouri 8-1; Injured QB Franklin (shoulder) could return against injured Kentucky (program tendinitis). (11)

11; Louisiana State 7-2; Tigers ready to show Oregon/Baylor how to win at Alabama without even scoring a TD. (12)

12; Oklahoma State 7-1; Cowboys have scored 50-plus points three straight games counting Kansas this weekend. (14)

13; Miami 7-1; Reader Rob Osborne contributes, "Wishes Florida State had gone as easy on them as the NCAA." (6)

14; Fresno State 8-0; Derek Carr sets school record for most touchdown passes thrown after midnight. (13)

15; UCLA 6-2; School's new goal is passing Northern Illinois or Fresno in the BCS standings. (16)

16; Auburn 8-1; Biggest fear now other than 'Bama might be facing Washington State again. (17)

17; Texas Tech 7-2; Talk around town is the team's still undefeated against teams outside Oklahoma. (15)

18; Texas A&M; 7-2; Four wins and 216 points vs. Pony Express League: Rice, Sam Houston, SMU, UTEP. (20)

19; Michigan State 8-1; Sign posted outside meeting room for nation's No. 1 defense: "Get Off Our Lawn!" (24)

20; Central Florida 6-1; No. 21 in BCS believed to be the highest school has been ranked, in anything. (18)

21; Louisville 7-1; UConn says it is well rested after bye week and ready to lose its ninth straight game. (19)

22; Northern Illinois 9-0; QB Lynch is the most productive Jordan in the state since MJ. (21)

23; Wisconsin 6-2; Losses this year by seven points to Ohio State and eight seconds to Pac-12 refs. (22)

24; Notre Dame 7-2; Irish are three wins from major bowl reps drooling all over their colored jackets. (25)

25; Arizona State 6-2; AD says taking Texas job came down to the country music and the ribs. (NR)

Dropped out: Michigan (23).

Moved in: Arizona State.

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