Could Florida State, Ohio State soon be moving up in rankings?

Could Florida State, Ohio State soon be moving up in rankings?
Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty (14) tries to elude Iowa State defensive back Jacques Washington during a game last month. Petty has led the Bears to an 8-0 record this season.
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Take a snapshot of these rankings because they could look different next week. Florida State and Ohio State could be the new 1-2 if Louisiana State and Stanford take out the nation’s leaders in Tuscaloosa and Palo Alto. Clemson’s Tigers should be embarrassed at No. 7 after losing so badly to Florida State, but where else are you going to put them? Good timing: Arizona State’s athletic director left for unranked Texas the same week the Sun Devils got back in Rankman’s top 25. Making a move down the stretch is racehorse Michigan State, so completely underrated by all of us that the Spartans should play Clemson just to prove it.

1; Alabama 8-0; After Sunday’s segment, Saban says he could cut 15 minutes of fat out of “60 Minutes.” (1)


2; Oregon 8-0; It’s been almost a calendar year since QB Mariota threw his last pick, against Stanford. (2)

3; Florida State 8-0; Players required to know Stanford fight song by Thursday’s pep rally. (3)


4; Ohio State 9-0; Tough crowd: Buckeyes beat Purdue, 56-0, and barely moved the BCS needle. (4)

5; Stanford 7-1; Aw shoot, Oregon, the lawnmower broke and the grass may be ankle high in some places. (5)

6; Baylor 7-0; Easy no-money-down Big 12 schedule comes with huge balloon payment. (7)

7; Clemson 8-1; Dating Maryland and Virginia was good idea after getting dumped by Florida State. (8)


8; Oklahoma 7-1; Stoops says Baylor reminds him of silent film up-tempo powerhouse: The Keystone Cops. (9)

9; South Carolina 7-2; QB Shaw is tougher than a $5 steak and Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue.” (10)

10; Missouri 8-1; Injured QB Franklin (shoulder) could return against injured Kentucky (program tendinitis). (11)

11; Louisiana State 7-2; Tigers ready to show Oregon/Baylor how to win at Alabama without even scoring a TD. (12)


12; Oklahoma State 7-1; Cowboys have scored 50-plus points three straight games counting Kansas this weekend. (14)

13; Miami 7-1; Reader Rob Osborne contributes, “Wishes Florida State had gone as easy on them as the NCAA.” (6)

14; Fresno State 8-0; Derek Carr sets school record for most touchdown passes thrown after midnight. (13)

15; UCLA 6-2; School’s new goal is passing Northern Illinois or Fresno in the BCS standings. (16)

16; Auburn 8-1; Biggest fear now other than ‘Bama might be facing Washington State again. (17)

17; Texas Tech 7-2; Talk around town is the team’s still undefeated against teams outside Oklahoma. (15)

18; Texas A&M; 7-2; Four wins and 216 points vs. Pony Express League: Rice, Sam Houston, SMU, UTEP. (20)

19; Michigan State 8-1; Sign posted outside meeting room for nation’s No. 1 defense: “Get Off Our Lawn!” (24)

20; Central Florida 6-1; No. 21 in BCS believed to be the highest school has been ranked, in anything. (18)

21; Louisville 7-1; UConn says it is well rested after bye week and ready to lose its ninth straight game. (19)

22; Northern Illinois 9-0; QB Lynch is the most productive Jordan in the state since MJ. (21)

23; Wisconsin 6-2; Losses this year by seven points to Ohio State and eight seconds to Pac-12 refs. (22)

24; Notre Dame 7-2; Irish are three wins from major bowl reps drooling all over their colored jackets. (25)

25; Arizona State 6-2; AD says taking Texas job came down to the country music and the ribs. (NR)

Dropped out: Michigan (23).

Moved in: Arizona State.

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