Tim Tebow rally flops in Jacksonville, but Russia still wants him

Jon Durst, left, takes a group photo of fans during a rally Monday at EverBank Field to encourage the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow.
(Will Dickey / Associated Press)

Tim Tebow has options.

A football team in Russia has offered him $1 million to play in just two games. The Arena Football League team LA Kiss wants to sign him to a three-year contract. An unnamed NFL team reportedly talked about giving him a shot at a position other than quarterback.

Problem is, the popular yet unemployed Heisman Trophy winner wants to play in the NFL but doesn’t want to switch positions in order to do so.

The one team that would kinda, sorta make sense in that scenario might be the Jacksonville Jaguars (yes, they still are an NFL team). Tebow played high school ball there and helped the Florida Gators win two national championships in college.

The Jaguars organization has repeatedly said it has no interest in signing Tebow, but a group of fans hoped to change that Monday by holding a rally outside EverBank Field, the team’s home field.

Sadly, not many people showed up (remember, these are Jaguars fans we’re talking about) -- 20 by one account; 40 by another. Either way, not exactly a force to be reckoned with.


So maybe the Russian deal isn’t such a bad idea after all. Tebow would get to play the position he loves. And it’s not exactly a long-term commitment -- a million bucks to play for the Moscow Black Storm in an American Football Championship of Russia semifinal against the Moscow Patriots on Sept. 28, followed by the championship game if the Storm advances.

Team owner Mikhail Zaltsman told Russia Beyond the Headlines that Tebow actually expressed interest.

“I talked with him personally and he wanted to go,” Zaltsman said.

But, Zaltsman added, Tebow’s agents are “thinking of using him as a motivational speaker. They don’t want him to play football.”

Hmmm ... maybe Storm fans should hold a rally to persuade Tebow’s handlers to reconsider.


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