LeBron James won’t chat with Phil Jackson or stay in a Trump hotel while the Cavaliers are in New York

LeBron James has no plans to chat with Knicks president Phil Jackson while in New York this week.
(Chris Young / Associated Press)

LeBron James probably has many things he’d like to do while visiting New York this week. After all, it’s such a great place to be during the holiday season.

But here’s two things the Cleveland Cavaliers star won’t do when he’s in town to play against the Knicks on Wednesday night — have a discussion with Phil Jackson and stay at a Donald Trump hotel.

Last month James said he lost respect for Jackson after the Knicks president referred to the player’s group of business associates as a “posse.” Asked Monday night if he would consider discussing the matter with Jackson while in town, James answered, “No.”


James went on to reflect on what he consides the racial undertones of such comments.

“Didn’t affect me, just know how much further we still have to go and how far we still have to go as African Americans, even in the light of today,” James said. “For me, I’ve built my career on and off the floor on the utmost respect, and I’ve always given the utmost respect to everyone — all my peers, people that’s laid the path for me and laid the path for coaches, players, things of that nature.

“I’ve always given respect to them, and it’s always, like I told you before, it’s always shade thrown on me, so. It means we got a lot more work to do, myself and the team. We’ve got to continue to protect each other and continue to just be as great as we can be.”

Also on Monday, the Cavaliers said they’ve arranged for other accommodations for James and other players who do not want to stay with the rest of the team at the Trump Soho in lower Manhattan. James campaigned for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and several teammates have publicly expressed their displeasure after the Republican Trump won the election.

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