Best Game Ever: Klay Thompson was mesmerized after scoring 37 points in a quarter


Dan Woike asked NBA players to tell us about the best game in their basketball career. This week: Klay Thompson.

Jan. 23, 2015: Warriors 126, Kings 101

52 points, 16-25 FGs, 11-15 three-pointers, five assists, four steals, two blocks


For someone so relaxed and laid back, Klay Thompson must have gasoline pumping through his veins. How else could you explain the three games in his career he’s scored at least 52 points while playing 33 minutes or fewer? He set the NBA record for three-pointers made (14) in a game this season, but that’s not the best he’s played. Instead, Thompson chose the night he made history with a massive third-quarter blitz.

“It was probably when I scored 37 points in a single NBA quarter. It felt like everything that went off my wrist was going. I didn’t get tired. I didn’t feel like I was forcing anything. I really wasn’t even sure how many points I had. I was just in a great zone.” When he was told what he accomplished, “It was pretty hard to believe — pretty surreal. I didn’t know that was happening in the moment. But after? I was pretty mesmerized because I never thought I’d be able to do something like that.”

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