The 2019 NFL draft day hats, ranked from snazziest to most hideous

The 2019 NFL draft day hats have been unleashed upon the public, and they are … well, better than last year (ugh, the infamous 2018 team slogan hats).

This year’s designs incorporated some aspect of the team’s city or state flag (when applicable), and the results are varied. Some teams nailed it, some failed miserably and many fell in between the two. What follows is a ranking of all 32 hats, from first to worst.

Please keep in mind that this is one man’s opinion, based on how willing I’d be to wear the cap on my head if I rooted for that team.

1. Arizona Cardinals

Bold, yet classy, and downright snazzy.


2. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders probably didn’t know where they were going to be playing in 2019 when these were designed, so they went with the U.S. flag in silver and black. Very nice.

3. Atlanta Falcons

Great use of the Georgia flag without going overboard (other teams should have definitely taken note).

Nothing fancy, but nice

4. Houston Texans, 5. Chicago Bears, 6. Baltimore Ravens

They cheated, but …

The Seahawks went with their 12th man flag. That seems to be bending the rules, but the hat looks good and it’s definitely something fans would want to wear. It comes in at No. 7.

Wacky, but they work

8. Buffalo Bills, 9. Detroit Lions


Fans are sure to wear these, but nothing really seems to set them apart from any other team caps.

10. Washington Redskins, 11. Green Bay Packers, 12. Rams, 13. New York Jets, 14. New England Patriots, 15. Dallas Cowboys, 16. Indianapolis Colts, 17. Cincinnati Bengals

They tried

Some good ideas here, but ugly hats.

18. Minnesota Vikings, 19. San Francisco 49ers, 20. Miami Dolphins, 21. New York Giants, 22. Pittsburgh Steelers

Did they try?

23. Chargers, 24. Denver Broncos, 25. New Orleans Saints

Wacky, and they don’t work

26. Kansas City Chiefs, 27. Tennessee Titans


Decent hats completely ruined by hideous brims.

28. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 29. Philadelphia Eagles


The bottom three are all examples of taking the local flag theme and going entirely in the wrong direction.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars, 31. Cleveland Browns, 32. Carolina Panthers

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