The greatest moments in Super Bowl history, Nos. 20-11

We continue out countdown of the greatest moments in Super Bowl history with Nos. 20-11.

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Today: Nos. 20-11

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No. 20: Jack Lambert defends his kicker, Super Bowl X

With Pittsburgh trailing, 10-7, Steelers kicker Roy Gerela misses a field goal. Dallas’ Cliff Harris mockingly pats him on the head. Jack Lambert rushes over and throws Harris to the ground, motivating the Steelers, who rally for the 21-17 victory.

Jack Lambert defends Roy Gerela

No. 19: Whitney Houston’s amazing national anthem, Super Bowl XXV

It doesn’t get any better than Whitney Houston’s fantastic national anthem as the Gulf War was going on in 1991.

Whitney Houston’s national anthem

No. 18: Vince Lombardi wins his final game, Super Bowl II

Perhaps the most legendary coach in NFL history gets carried off the field after his Green Bay Packers win his final game, Super Bowl II

Super Bowl II

No. 17: Desmond Howard’s kickoff return, Super Bowl XXVII

After New England scores late in the third quarter to close within 27-21, Green Bay’s Desmond Howard returns the ensuing kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown in the Packers’ 35-21 win.

Desmond Howard’s kickoff return

No. 16: Scott Norwood, wide right

With the Giants leading 20-19, the Bills take over deep in their own territory with 2:16 remaining. Jim Kelly marches the ball downfield and gets to the Giants’ 29 with eight seconds left, setting up Scott Norwood for a game-winning 47-yard field goal. But he misses.

Scott Norwood, wide right

No. 15: John Riggins goes all the way, Super Bowl XVII

Facing fourth and inches at the Miami 43 and trailing 17-13, the Redskins give the ball to their tank of a running back, John Riggins. He breaks a tackle by Don McNeal and goes all the way for the touchdown. The Redskins take the lead and go on to win, 27-17.

John Riggins’ touchdown run

No. 14: Kurt Warner to Isaac Bruce, Super Bowl XXXIV

With the score tied, 16-16, and 2:05 remaining, St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner tosses a rainbow pass to receiver Isaac Bruce, who gets past safety Anthony Dorsett and runs 73 yards for the game-winning touchdown.


Warner to Bruce

No. 13: Garo Yepremian’s goofy pass, Super Bowl VII

Dolphins kicker Garo Yepremian grabs a blocked field-goal attempt and tries to pass the ball, which slips out of his hands and into the waiting arms of Washington’s Mike Bass, who takes it for a touchdown. All is OK for Garo though, because the Dolphins still win the game.

Garo’s goof

No. 12: Wardrobe malfunction, Super Bowl XXXVIII

Do we really need to explain it?

Wardrobe malfunction

No. 11: Not so fast, Leon, Super Bowl XXVII

Leon Lett is about to give Dallas a 59-17 lead over Buffalo with a long fumble return, when Don Beebe comes out of nowhere to knock the ball loose.

Not so fast, Leon

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