Sports letters: Fans take great offense at Rams’ dismal offense

Jared Goff in concussion protocol following big hit in Rams’ loss to Seahawks

Rams rookie quarterback Jared Goff stands on the sideline without his helmet after absorbing a big hit from Seattle cornerback Richard Sherman during a game on Dec. 15.

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

The only thing more comical than the Rams’ offense is the list of coaches they think might be interested in the head coaching position.

Ryan Madden

Huntington Beach



Now that Jeff Fisher’s gone, hopefully to be joined by all his offensive assistants, we mustn’t give GM Les Snead a pass.  Snead drafted Greg Robinson No. 2 overall three years ago.  He ought to be an All-Pro by now, but is ranked one of the half-dozen worst offensive linemen in the NFL. Snead paid a king’s ransom for Jared Goff, a quarterback with small hands (fumbles a lot) who doesn’t know where the sun rises but is supposed to be smart enough to beat NFL defenses (lots of interceptions). With the money he saved by decimating the Rams’ defense he signed a mediocre receiver, Tavon Austin, to a four-year, $42-million contract.  The next contested catch that Austin makes will be his first. Bill Belichick couldn’t win with the team Snead has assembled.

Doug Connon

Rancho Mission Viejo



Up 21-7 and where did the Bruins’ (oops, the Rams’) offensive unit go? The UCLA (er, Rams) backs were not hitting the hole with gusto. The Westwood (uh, Rams) offensive line forgot to block.

Why is the Bruins (yikes, Rams) QB afraid to throw downfield? Again, the UCLA (oops, Rams) defensive line failed to hold in crunch time.

Sorry, I swear I see the same team playing but in different parts of town.

Earl Roth

Oak Park


Come on, Rams fans. They were a bad team in St. Louis, they are a bad team in Los Angeles. What did you expect, a 12-4 season?  It’ll take more than a trip across the country to turn them into a winner.  Lighten up!

Bob Lichtsinn


Fountain Valley

Clutching at straws

As the old saying goes, as one door closes, another door opens. Now that the cross-country engagement between Jeanie Buss and Phil Jackson has ended, it is time for the Lakers to bring back Jerry West. The Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors have all reached their greatest heights as organizations under the watchful eye of West. He has that “Midas touch” for evaluating talent and putting together successful rosters. With a core of good young players, and a bright young coach on board already, West might be one of the last pieces to the Lakers puzzle to get them back on top again. 

Chris Sorce

Fountain Valley


When you combine a clueless coach with average-at-best players, you lose 14 of 16 and lead the league in losses.  Don’t look now, but the Lakers have become the worst team in the NBA.  I am sick and tired of hearing about young players.  The reason the Lakers are terrible isn’t because of young players, it’s because of these young players.  Charles Barkley was dead on.  There isn’t a star or budding star among them.  When you don’t have any stars you better be well-coached.  The Lakers are far from it.  Broken up Jeanie doesn’t have the courage to fire her brother or Mitch so we can look forward to more bad picks and bad free-agent signings. Get used to this, Lakers fans, we will have a reserved seat for the lottery for years to come.

Geno Apicella




New Year’s resolutions 2017:

1. Stop wasting time watching Lakers games. They obviously don’t care about winning so why should I?

2. Sign up for Lakers email alerts to catch the latest breaking news about the termination and removal of Jimmy Buss and Mitch Kupchak.

3. Sign up for NBA email alerts about trading most of the Lakers starters (Brandon Ingram stays) by the February deadline for anyone, anywhere willing to play defense and rebound for every minute of every game.

Gary Linquist

Morro Bay

Honk if you love UCLA

Watching the Oregon vs. UCLA basketball game the other night, I witnessed the true definition of a “homer."  As ESPN analyst in the game, former Bruin Bill Walton’s comments and views took a very liberal view in favor of his former team. The poor play-by-play guy had to be a little embarrassed about some of his comments and at times it seemed like they were in total disagreement, almost to the point of arguing.  As far as Walton was concerned everything went against his gutty little Bruins.

Richard Whorton

Studio City


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