Morning Briefing: What these movies needed was an Infinity Gauntlet

‘The Blind Side’
A still from “The Blind Side.”
(Warner Bros.)

With all the talk about the box office dominance of “Avengers: Endgame,” which has made about $70 bajillion, it got me to thinking about what the top sports movies of all time are, ranked by money made.

Luckily, the great site has such a list, which I am stealing and presenting here.

1. “The Blind Side,” $255,959,475

2. “The Waterboy,” $161,491,646


3. “The Longest Yard” (2005), $158,119,460

4. “Jerry Maguire,” $153,952,592

5. “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,” $148,213,377

6. “Rocky IV,” $127,873,716


7. “Rocky III,” $125,049,125

8. “Seabiscuit,” $120,277,854

9. “Blades of Glory,” $118,594,548

10. “Rocky,” $117,235,147

11. “Creed II,” $115,715,889

12. “Remember the Titans,” $115,654,751

13. “DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story,” $114,326,736

14. “Creed,” $109,767,581


15. “A League of Their Own,” $107,533,928

16. “Million Dollar Baby,” $100,492,203

17. “42,” $95,020,213.

No sick days allowed

Joel Embiid and the Philadelphia 76ers lost Game 4 of the Eastern Conference semifinals on Sunday to Toronto, 101-96. Embiid, who averaged 27.5 points per game this season, scored only 11 points because he was sick.

That excuse means nothing to TNT’s NBA analysts, Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith.

“I’ve seen superstars have great sick games. Maybe he was sick, maybe he wasn’t. This ain’t the time to be sick. When you step on the court this time of year, this is where you make your fame,” O’Neal said.

Kenny Smith agreed.


“If you’re on the floor, this is how we evaluate you: What did you do?” Smith said.

Looking good

Tight end Jason Witten has returned to the Dallas Cowboys after a year off when he decided retirement wasn’t for him. So how did he look at the team’s offseason workouts?

“He really hasn’t skipped a beat,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said, as reported by many websites, at the team’s annual Taste of the Cowboys benefit for the North Texas Food Bank. “He looks the same. Looks fast, looks quick, looks flexible.”

Witten spent a year as an analyst for ESPN and, frankly, was not very good at it, so it’s probably best he returned to something he is good at.

The place to be

Former NFL quarterback Jay Fiedler, who played for the Miami Dolphins and was inducted into the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2002, says that Miami is the perfect place for former UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen, who was acquired by the Dolphins recently.

“What better place for a Jewish quarterback to be than Miami? The Jewish community down there will love him,” Fiedler told TMZ Sports. “I think he just needs to stay within himself and be as successful as he can. He’s got some great people in the quarterback room with him, like Ryan Fitzpatrick, a guy who has been around for a number of years.”

Fiedler led the Dolphins to a playoff victory in 2000. They haven’t won a playoff game since then, so if Rosen can do that, he has accomplished a lot.