Watch Chris Paul’s son say that he beat Grant Hill in a game

Most little kids would be shy in a locker room filled with huge basketball players and clamoring reporters.

Not Chris Paul’s son.

After games, the 3-year-old whirls around the locker room charming his father’s teammates and being irresistibly adorable.

When the Clippers beat the Lakers last week, Paul’s son, Chris, went up to his father and said, “The Lakers! And then you guys win!”


Paul then asked his son who plays for the Lakers. Little Chris immediately named Kobe Bryant but then struggled a bit when his father tried to play the jersey game with him.

“Who wears number 16,” Paul asked.

Responded little Chris: “Marc Gasol.”

Paul then prodded his son to talk about Grant Hill, who apparently recently went over to the Paul’s household and played basketball with little Chris.


“Yeah, I did beat him,” little Chris said of the seven-time All-Star. 

It’s sweet that Paul brings his son everywhere he goes. Last year during the playoffs, little Chris sat on his father’s lap during many of his post-game interviews. In one of the sessions, little Chris imitated Blake Griffin’s game-face, a scene that made the entire room break out into laughter.

Little Chris then proceeded to delight Tim Duncan after the Spurs eliminated the Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals. When asked where he wants to go to college, little Chris tells Duncan: “To my birthday.”

This season, we caught Blake Griffin and little Chris having an intimate little chat during which they commiserate with each other about needing to wear a life jacket in the water.

“I’m not a great swimmer without it,” Griffin told little Chris. 

Watch the video above for the latest little Chris gem.


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