Eli Manning explains that look on his face toward the end of Super Bowl 50

Eli Manning had his game face on even though his brother was the one playing in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday night.

That’s pretty much the explanation he gave TMZ on Monday, the day after he looked less than thrilled on national TV after Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos took a two-score lead over the Carolina Panthers with less than four minutes left in the game.

Take a look. Here’s the New York Giants quarterback, top right, watching from a suite with other family members just after the Broncos scored a touchdown to make the score 22-10 with the extra point pending.


He looks pretty much like Panthers fans must have felt at that point.

There has been much speculation that the youngest Manning brother was unhappy because he would no longer be the only one in the family with two Super Bowl rings.

But Eli Manning said that wasn’t the case -- he was just deep in thought about game strategy.

“I was just focused on whether they’d go for two and knew that the defense had to step up, make some stops,” he said.

The Broncos did successfully go for two, and their defense did make some stops on the way to a 24-10 victory.

As for all the memes poking fun of his reaction, Eli Manning said, “it’s all good stuff.”

Here are some of the best ones: