Report: Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch gets endorsement deal with Skittles


Marshawn Lynch just loves Skittles.

The Seattle running back’s mom used to give him the “power pellets” every time he scored a touchdown when he was a kid. And Seahawks fans have been rewarding him similarly, making it rain the tasty treat from the stands whenever he enters the end zone for their beloved team.

Chances are he’s going to love the candy even more after Tuesday, when an endorsement deal between Lynch and Skittles is set to be announced, according to a report by ESPN.

In addition to an undisclosed amount of financial compensation for Beast Mode himself, the candy brand is expected to donate $10,000 to Lynch’s Fam First Foundation for every touchdown he scores during the Super Bowl on Sunday.


Skittles is also releasing limited edition “Seattle mix” packages, featuring only blue and green candies.

This is said to be the first time Skittles has ever paid an athlete. It’s a long time coming too.

After all, the candy must be benefiting from all the exposure Lynch has given it -- not to mention all the extra sales in Seattle on home game Sundays, when supermarkets reportedly run low on the product so fans can treat the star player to his rainbow showers.

And then there’s the food vendor at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field that has been selling Beast Mode burgers with Skittles on the side. And the butcher nearby who has been stuffing sausages with the candy.

Even Nike has jumped on the bandwagon with special edition Marshawn Lynch Skittles shoes, which seem to be cleats with a picture of the candies on the side.

So it’s about time Lynch gets a piece of the action. And good for him for including his charity too.