Miguel Cabrera turns down playoff bonus to focus on winning World Series

Miguel Cabrera
Miguel Cabrera really wants to win the World Series.
(Paul Sancya / AP)

It’s not often you see a pro athlete turn down a potential six-figure bonus, but that is exactly what Detroit Tigers star Miguel Cabrera did on Wednesday.

Cabrera has said all season that his only focus this year is to win a World Series ring. Nothing else matters. On Wednesday, he put his money where his mouth is.

Baseball players get bonuses depending on how far their team advances in the playoffs. You know, after the World Series ends, they all gather and decide “OK, this guy gets a full share, this guy gets a half-share.” But the paperwork for all of that has to be filled out before the playoffs start. Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer was going around the Tiger clubhouse, having everyone sign their paperwork, when he got to Cabrera.

Paul White from USA Today was nearby and saw what transpired.


“I’m not signing anything,” Cabrera told Scherzer, according to White. “I just want the ring.”

Scherzer shrugged and walked away, saying “OK, more for us.”

How much money did Cabrera turn down? Well, last season, the champion Boston Red Sox each received an extra $309,000 for winning the title.