Boxer Mike Lee will make debut as TV analyst right after his own fight


Boxer Mike Lee has a big night ahead of him on Saturday.

First, the 27-year-old fighter looking to improve to 14-0 after a six-round, cruiserweight bout against Gary Tapusoa.

He will then change out of his shorts and into a suit to serve as color analyst for the main event between heavyweights Derric Rossy versus undefeated Akhror Muralimov on CBS Sports.

That’s right. Both gigs on the same night, with the one that involves his body taking a pounding coming before the one that requires his mind to be sharp.


“I’m excited,” Lee told USA Today Sports. “Of course performing well in my fight is the most important thing, but throughout my career I’ve wanted to get into broadcasting. I didn’t anticipate it happening on the same night that I’m fighting.”

Lee, who finished at the top of his class at Notre Dame’s School of Finance, says he’s never really done anything like this before, other than a little analysis on social media.

But he’s a familiar face on TV, having served as a Subway spokesman for several years. And Lee says he’s gotten tips from veteran play-by-play announcer Col. Bob Sheridan, who will call the fight with Lee during the broadcast.

While fighting is still his top priority, Lee says he jumped at the opportunity to try out his analyst skills when CBS Sports approached him with the idea.

“I see these as two events,” he told the Sweet Science. “I think doing the color makes me a better fighter. It forces you to study other fighters and styles, learn more about the sport.”

He added: “It’s unique ... and I know anything can happen.”

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