Titans QB loses jersey number to punter in arm-wrestling match

Tennessee Titans quarterback Charlie Whitehurst gives his new jersey number (12) a spin during a minicamp workout on April 29.
(Mark Zaleski / Associated Press)

Sorry, Charlie Whitehurst.

I’m sorry you lost the jersey number that you’ve worn for the last 13 years. That goes way back before your days as Clemson’s quarterback, so you must have been pretty attached to No. 6.

I’m even more sorry you lost your jersey number to a punter. I know backup quarterbacks sometimes don’t get the most respect in the world, but you always had “at least I’m not a punter” to fall back on.

But most of all, I’m sorry that you lost your jersey number to a punter in an arm-wrestling match. To put it another way, you lost to a guy that uses his leg for a living in a contest that determines arm strength, which is one of the key qualities an NFL quarterback should possess.


It’s not like you lost to Steve Weatherford, the super-ripped punter for the New York Giants. It was Brett Kern, the punter for your own team, the Tennessee Titans (honestly, I have no idea how ripped Kern is, but I feel pretty confident that no punter is as ripped as Weatherford).

Charlie, the Titans list you as 226 pounds and Kern 214. If you were a professional arm wrestler (fat chance), you would be in a higher weight class than him (yes, they do have weight classes in professional arm wrestling ... and yes, there is such a thing as professional arm wrestling).

But I’m glad you’re being a good sport about all this, and even posted a photo of your new number on Instagram.

You enjoy that No. 12, Mr. Whitehurst, and do it proud -- at least until another punter who wants it comes along.