Steve Spurrier not pleased with South Carolina’s win over Vanderbilt


Here’s a cure for the Monday blues: Steve Spurrier.

His post-game video after South Carolina’s 48-34 win at Vanderbilt is the reason we hope the 69-year-old Spurrier coaches another 10 years.

Spurrier is not just one of the most innovative coaches of his generation, he is also the most brutally honest. His gyrations and sing-songy vocal inflections during Saturday’s blunt assessment of his team’s victory were also, unintentionally, hilarious.

You can sense his disdain for struggling against a Vanderbilt team that lost this year to Temple.


“Vanderbilt,” Spurrier said, “has not been an offensive juggernaut in the SEC.”

South Carolina improved to 3-1 and garnered a No. 13 ranking in Sunday’s Associated Press poll, but that didn’t impress the man affectionately known as HBC (Head Ball Coach).

“We got all the voters fooled thinking we’re pretty good, I guess because we beat Georgia,” Spurrier said.

Spurrier was appalled his team allowed two kickoff returns for touchdowns.

“We’re virtually giving games away,” he said. “But we haven’t given away one yet!”

In general, Spurrier said it was an embarrassing overall performance.

“And I’m the head coach of this embarrassing group of guys,” he said.

Spurrier doesn’t try to be mean, it’s just impossible for him to sugar coat the truth.

“I should be nicer I guess,” he said as he exited the room.