Video: Manny Ramirez home-run call greatest ever?

While those of us in America can only recall the days of Manny Ramirez just being Manny, pro baseball fans in Taiwan still get a routine dose of the former slugger, including a recent home run that led to a wild ex-girlfriend remark by the announcer.

Ramirez, who plays for the EDA Rhinos in the Chinese Professional Baseball League, launches a solo home run to left-center field that easily clears the fence. The announcer calling the game, who is bilingual, suddenly bursts into English.

“This ball is long gone, just like the ex-girlfriend who will never return!” he yells after Ramirez’s eighth homer of the season.

Kind of fitting. Let’s face it, the formerly juiced-up Manny will never be back in the majors.


Is it the greatest home-run call that you’ve heard?


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