Watch Tony Hawk land a 900 again — at 48

Tony Hawk attempts to land a 900 trick. Monday marked the 17th anniversary of the day Hawk landed the trick at the 1999 X Games in San Francisco.
(RIDE Channel / YouTube)

For a skateboarder at 48, Tony Hawk still has it.

It has been 17 years since the pioneer in professional skateboarding landed his first 900 at the 1999 Summer X Games in San Francisco. It was deemed as a defining moment for the sport since he was the first to do it.

Those who are not familiar with a 900, it’s a trick involving the completion of 2½ midair revolutions on a skateboard. Simple, right?

Even though it was the only time Hawk performed the trick, it wouldn’t be the last.


To commemorate the anniversary of the feat, Hawk decided to attempt the trick again on the exact date, but on a smaller stage.

“A lot has happened since then in my life; I mean it’s been the craziest roller coaster ride and it really was the apex of my competitive career and so I’m gonna shine under today,” he said. “Because I feel like I can.”

“I’m still going and keep going until the wheels fall off I guess.”


It took several tries until he nailed it, but nonetheless he still has it.

What made this attempt as special as his first was that his son, Spencer, was there to witness both.

“Spencer was there for my first one, now he was at my last,” said Hawk.

If you’re curious about his first 900, I found the video.


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