Watch John Cena be reduced to tears after fans surprise him

A lot of men who are also WWE fans hate John Cena. They boo him when he appears at live events and want him to disappear from their TV screens. Many have said it is time to turn him from a good guy into a bad guy and take advantage of the mega-heat he draws. But that won’t be happening any time soon.

Women and children love Cena. Their high-pitched cheers can often be heard above the deep-voiced boos. And Cena, with his “Never Give Up” creed, is loved by children especially. Go to a live event, and dozens of kids in Cena T-shirts are walking around.

Cena, who is very active in the Make-A-Wish program, visits well over 500 children whose request was to meet the WWE superstar. Cena often visits with no cameras following him, so he can spend time with the child and doesn’t seem to be doing it for publicity.

Recently, some of the people Cena has had an impact on got together to surprise him. It’s a touching video you can watch below, and afterward you will be wondering “Who’s cutting onions around here?”


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