Review: Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins offers tips to help you ‘Get Good’ at gaming in his new book

Tyler Blevins, a.k.a. Ninja, at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals on July 27 in New York City.
(Johannes Eisele / AFP/Getty Images )

If you’re a casual gamer looking to refine your gaming skills or equipment, or someone considering getting into esports, then livestreamer and gaming guru Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ book could be the perfect guide. The influencer is set to release his first book, “Ninja: Get Good, My Ultimate Guide to Gaming.”

The 160-page book is filled with tips and recommendations on how anyone can be a gamer just like — or close to — Blevins. He not only shares his training routine but goes into detail about his strategy, thinking, and why any gamer should consider going into the industry.

The book is also packed with illustrations, photographs and insider tips for how to properly set up your gaming environment, practice with purpose, develop a strategy, stream with skill, and other tips in maintaining proper balance with gaming, health and social life. The book feels as if Blevins is talking to the reader with conversational language he uses while explaining the various topics to readers.


Blevins breaks his guide into six chapters, each themed to a specific topic. He introduces gaming jargon such as “ergonomics” and “MOBAs,” an acronym for multiplayer online battle arenas, breaks down computer hardware and gear, explains the importance of teaming up with other gamers, and shares streaming tips, separated to not overwhelm readers who are not familiar with the subject matter, making for an easy read through. The charts accompanying some of these topics make it easier for a reader to understand some of the drier material.

If readers are not sure which gaming hardware, setup or strategy to choose while reading along, Blevins shares his personal recommendations throughout the book in side notes titled “Ninja’s Way” or “Hot Fix!” In these notes, Blevins specifically ties a specific situation in his life with the chapter’s subject along with the decision he made and why. This allows the reader to understand some of his thinking process and shows that he’s writing the book as intended to help out the reader.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is taking a break.

May 29, 2019

But the book is not solely focused on giving advice and defining gaming jargon. Some of the non-gaming topics discussed are proper exercises for neck pain, slumped shoulders and sore wrists; goal setting for building your personal brand; and the importance that gaming has on social and networking perspectives. Readers are also encouraged to write down ideas and thoughts in the book itself, which could turn it into a journal for the reader to reflect back on.

Blevins also shares personal anecdotes from his professional gaming and social lives that show a side to him we do not see. These include his rise to fame, setbacks and his love for people in his life such as his wife, Jessica, who’s also his manager. Photos throughout the book accompany his personal anecdotes. The anecdotes and photos add more color and personality to the book, along with the illustrations and charts.

Blevins began professional gaming in 2009 and started livestreaming in 2011. But his rise to fame did not come until 2017 when he began playing the popular “Fortnite” game. He has broken several streaming records since and has grown his following to 45 million people across streaming and social media platforms. He announced earlier in the month that he would leave the streaming service Twitch and join Mixer.

The book is recommended for the casual gamer, anyone curious getting into the esports business, and anyone wanting to learn what made Blevins the gaming influencer he is today. For hardcore gamers and streamers, some of the topics discussed could be repetitive.

“Ninja: Get Good, My Ultimate Guide to Gaming” will be released Aug. 20.