These are some signs of the times

Chris Fowler on "College GameDay"
Chris Fowler at the desk on ESPN’s “College GameDay.”
(Ted S. Warren / Associated Press)

As noted last week when talking about the man who received thousands of dollars after putting his Venmo account on a sign, holding up signs is a tradition whenever ESPN’s “College GameDay” sets up camp before and after college football games. Fans can be seen on screen behind the anchor/analyst desk, and coming up with a funny sign is a badge of honor. The “College GameDay” Twitter account keeps track of the best signs. Here are a few:

“Why doesn’t Army football have its own website? They can’t string together three W’s”

“Harbaugh uses Snapchat filters”

“My girlfriend entered the transfer portal”

“Even Forrest Gump got into Alabama”

“I tried to change my password to Michigan but Google said it was too weak”


“Win or lose, at least we don’t live in Iowa”

“The third grade is tougher than the ACC”

“Even LeBron left Ohio”

“Russia hacked the rankings”

“This sign has won as many national championships as Oregon”

“I don’t always talk to Auburn grads, but when I do I order fries”

“Even Gandhi hates Ohio State”

Only in Washington

It has been a tough couple of years for the Washington Redskins. They haven’t made the playoffs since 2015, and had lost eight of their last nine games heading into Monday’s game against the Chicago Bears. Of course, they lost that game too, but that wasn’t the tough part.

At halftime, the Redskins inducted linebacker London Fletcher into their Ring of Honor. It included an on-field ceremony and on the scoreboard was a giant picture of him that listed his years on the team and key info. It was topped proudly by his name in giant gold letter: LONDON FLECTHER.

Yep, the Redskins misspelled the name of their own Ring of Honor inductee.

And worse, no one manning the technical side of things seemed to notice. The misspelled name just stayed up there, the giant gold letters mocking the ineptitude of the team.

But that’s OK, Redskins fans. After all, misteaks happen.

Your favorite sports moment

What is your favorite all-time L.A. sports moment? Email me at and tell me what it is and why, and it could appear in a future daily sports newsletter or Morning Briefing.

This moment comes from Daniel L. Anderson:

“In 1958, I was six and I remember what a big deal L.A. made over the Dodgers coming to town. Our family had a Hoffman black and white TV on which I remember watching a few games. Later that year, we ventured out to the Coliseum for my first game. I had never seen so many people in one place before. I remember walking through the dark tunnel and finally emerging at the other end where I was flabbergasted to see everything IN COLOR! Wow, seeing everything clearly in color made all the difference!

“The Dodgers were playing the Cardinals so the Dodger blue & white, the Cardinal red, and the green grass of the Coliseum were absolutely beautiful! I also remember looking over and seeing Vin Scully and Jerry Doggett precariously positioned over the tunnel to the field on what looked like an office window washing platform that made me nervous for their safety.

“In the game Wally Moon hit a home run over the tall fence in left field and I was hooked: I’ve been a diehard Dodger fan ever since!”