Women who flashed Gerrit Cole during World Series game are banned from MLB stadiums

Gerrit Cole
(Patrick Smith / Getty Images)

If you watched Game 5 of the World Series on Sunday, you may have noticed two women flashing their breasts in the stands behind home plate while Gerrit Cole of Houston was pitching.

And if you didn’t notice, it’s OK, because Major League Baseball did. The organization sent a letter to the two women after the game, banning them from Major League Baseball stadiums.

Julia Rose and Lauren Summer, who are very popular on social media, identified themselves and shared the letter on Twitter and other platforms.


They were standing in the second row, slightly to the first base side behind the plate. They lifted their tops and exposed themselves while Cole was pitching to Ryan Zimmerman, with all of it being televised live on Fox.

Cole stepped off the mound, but it’s unclear whether he saw the women.

“The fans who were involved in exposing themselves during Game 5 of the World Series violated the Nationals’ fan code of conduct. As a result, they were removed from the stadium and are suspended indefinitely from attending an MLB ballpark or facility,” MLB said.

Of course, how do you enforce a ban such as this? If Rose and Summer show up next summer at Dodger Stadium with two tickets they bought off StubHub, how will they be recognized? I think I’ll stop there before I get myself into trouble.

Using his head

Imagine you are sitting in the front row of the outfield bleachers. You have a beer in each hand when a player launches a ball in your direction. It’s headed right for you. Do you risk spilling your beer to catch the ball?

That exact scenario happened to Washington Nationals fan Jeff Adams in Game 5. So what did he do? He held onto his beer and let the ball hit him in the chest. It fell to his feet and he was able to calmly bend down and pick it up without spilling a drop.

Adams is now a social media icon, with memes seemingly everywhere testifying to his greatness. But even greater? His reaction when interviewed by Fox 5 in Washington. “You know what, it hit me in the chest but it was from the other team so I didn’t feel anything.”


So let’s see if I have this right. Public nudity and getting a home run ball without spilling your beer all in the same game? Strangest World Series game ever.

Your favorite sports moment

What is your all-time favorite local sports moment? Email me at and tell me what it is and why and it could appear in a future daily sports newsletter or Morning Briefing.

This moment comes from Michael Axelrod:

Well, like 55,000 others who were there that night, my favorite L.A. sports moment was Game 1 of the 1988 World Series, for so many obvious reasons. However, years later i had an experience which made it all the more special for me. I had the good fortune to meet Kirk Gibson at a book signing and told him he was responsible for the second most exciting thing I’d ever witnessed at Dodger Stadium. He gave me a wry smile and asked, “really, and what was number one then?”

“Seeing The Beatles” I replied.

He just chuckled and nodded in agreement.