Antonio Brown is done with the NFL ... oh wait, nevermind

Antonio Brown has not played in the NFL since his two-week stint with the New England Patriots in September.
Antonio Brown has not played in the NFL since his two-week stint with the New England Patriots in September.
(Michael Reaves / Getty Images)

Antonio Brown can’t seem to make up his mind.

Ever since he was released by the New England Patriots on Sept. 20, the currently unemployed receiver has wavered in his public statements between declaring himself out of the NFL forever and lobbying for another chance in the league.

On Thursday, Brown went from one extreme to the other in a matter of hours. First, he declared his NFL days to be finished during an expletive-filled tirade on social media.

“I’m going down another path,” Brown wrote on Instagram. “No more making money off my blood and sweat! No more control of my name and body ... I am done with it!”


The seven-time Pro Bowler is facing multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, all of which he has denied. Also on Thursday, multiple media outlets reported the league’s intention to meet with Brown next week in regard to its investigation into those allegations.

His social media outburst may have had something to do with that development.

“Imagine conforming to a system giving it a 100 percent to see them treat me like this,” Brown tweeted, adding “clear my name and go ... yourself.”

Hours later, however, Brown had deleted those posts and was ready to suit up again.


“I’m just very frustrated right now with the false allegations and slander to my name,” he tweeted. “I love football and I miss it. I just want to play and I’m very emotional about that. I’m determined to make my way back to the NFL asap.”

300 cats, give or take 298 or so

MetLife Stadium is denying reports that the black cat who ran onto the field during the New York Giants game against the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night was one of 300 feral felines living at the Meadowlands Complex.

A stadium employee who identified himself as “The Cat Man” also told the New York Post that stadium employees feed the stray kitties and that the complex’s ownership group sometimes foots the bill for more than 200 pounds of dry food a week.


“But I kick in 18 to 24 cans of wet food each week,” The Cat Man said. “They love the wet food.”

But the stadium released a statement saying that The Cat Man’s estimation of the number of felines at the facility was off by more than a whisker.

“There have been erroneous reports in the media that MetLife Stadium houses and feeds 300 cats, which is simply not true,” the statement read. It added that 30 barn cats are housed and fed at the Meadowlands Racetrack and other cats are seen on the complex only “from time to time.”

Speaking of the now-famous feline from “Monday Night Football,” the fast and furry creature still has not been located, even after multiple humane traps were set around the stadium, according to the statement. A no-kill shelter is now assisting with the search efforts.


“We are hopeful that together we can find the black cat that we all fell in love with Monday night,” the statement read.

Seeing the field

Kahzin Daniels has been completely blind in his right eye since age 5, when he ran into a pole while riding a scooter.

That didn’t stop him from recording 34.5 sacks and 161 tackles in 40 games as a defensive end for Div. II Charleston (West Virginia). Most of his teammates didn’t even know he only had vision in one eye.

Daniels switched to linebacker and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an undrated rookie this spring.


He was released at the end of preseason but was re-signed to the team’s practice squad last month.

Because of injuries to two of their top edge rushers, the Buccaneers promoted Daniels to their active roster this week — which means he is days away from possibly playing in his first NFL game.

“Never once in my brain was there a doubt of, ‘Oh, you’re blind,’” Daniels told NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo in April. “That doesn’t enter my head. When I’m playing football, I can see.”