Letters: After getting plucked by Ducks, will USC now make a Meyer hire?

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On the same night daylight saving time ended, it was only fitting that USC fell back and got its clock cleaned.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills



I have to agree with Bill Plaschke’s opinion that the USC football coach needs to be fired. Against Oregon, Clay Helton threw three interceptions, fumbled once, committed 92 yards in penalties, and allowed a 100 yard touchdown on a kickoff return. Oh wait, it wasn’t Clay Helton who committed these transgressions. They were committed by the highly touted, young adult, idolized male athletes, who have probably been playing football since their Pop Warner days.

If fired, I believe that Helton will land a job at another university, and prove his worth as a football coach, mentor and role model.

Michael Gesas

Beverly Hills



Where have you gone, Mr. Orgeron?

SC Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

Woo, woo, woo...

Paul Boyd-Batstone

Long Beach


Thank you, Bill Plaschke, for your recent rants regarding why USC should not, and will not hire Urban Meyer. Because you are wrong about 75% of the time I am now really excited that Meyer will be the next USC football coach. Yes, Meyer has had difficulties in the past, but that should not eliminate such a successful coach from consideration.


Bruce Olson



In his self-appointed search for USC’s next head football coach (sorry Clay Helton, in case you don’t skip ahead to the ending) Bill Plaschke writes as if he’s in South Bend, Ind. USC, and almost all major college programs, are reflexively conditioned to subordinate ethics to winning, provided only the coach is clever enough to avoid detectable major violations.

Konrad Moore

San Diego


I don’t usually agree with Bill Plaschke, but his article on the new AD for USC hits its exactly regarding Urban Meyer. The new AD and chancellor were hired to clean up not only the football program but the school. The baggage Meyer brings would bring more embarrassment and lawsuits to the school. Face it, SC fans, the days of the the good old boys are gone.


Bob Martinez



USC football does not want Urban Meyer as our next football coach, and USC fans are tired of L.A. Times sportswriters telling them they do. News flash: Mike Bohn isn’t stupid, and he won’t hire a coach with a shady past and a health problem as his first order of business.

Judy Thomsen



Whether Clay Helton is a nice guy is meaningless. Ditto whether he wins any or all of the next three remaining Pac-12 games. The fact that USC has not been able to recruit a single one of the top 300 recruits for the coming year says it all.

Robert Goldstone
Corona Del Mar


Instead of Helton head hunting, the real culprits contributing to USC’s struggles are, among others, a few key assistants: “air charade” Harrell, “no D” Pendergast, and “not so special teams” Baxter. Their heads should be rolling.

David Marshall

Santa Monica


Clay Helton has brought integrity to USC football, but it’s not enough for some Trojans fans who seem to only care about double digits in the win column regardless of off-field embarrassments.

Barry P. Resnick


New guy is good

Conspiracy theorists want to know the identity of the Dorian Thompson-Robinson impersonator who wore his uniform and played quarterback in the first few UCLA games this season.

Wes Wellman

Santa Monica


Is Arash Markazi an 11-year-old boy? His naïve ideas for the Chargers to become successful in the L.A. market are silly and juvenile. Change the team name? Sorry, that won’t fool L.A. fans who have disliked the team from San Diego for decades. Move their offices to L.A? Sorry, nobody cares about that. Hire Kobe Bryant to be a team shill? Oh, please. Just admit the Chargers’ move to L.A. was a ridiculous mistake and putting lipstick on that pig is useless.

Jim Regan



A confluence of events contributes to the reluctance of Los Angeles to accept the Chargers. The extremely high ticket pricing has enticed early-adopting speculators to resell their tickets to fans of visiting teams. The average Chargers fan simply cannot afford to attend games. As a result, attendance is skewed in favor of visiting teams which gives the entire situation a “bad look”. Additionally, of the two morning drive sports radio stations in this town, one is nationally oriented and the other is the broadcast station of the Rams doing their absolute best to ignore the Chargers.

Then there are those such as Bill Plaschke who have been negative about the move from the very beginning. While I appreciate the beat writers of The Times for their extensive daily coverage of my Chargers, I hold out hope that, if the Chargers do relocate to London, you will assign Mr. Plaschke to go with them.

Todd Bublitz



I can’t believe I’m saying this, as a lifelong Rams fan, but the NFL should find a way to convince the Chargers and the Raiders to switch cities once their new stadiums are ready.

Michael Gray

Yorba Linda

A Blue period

The National League finalists for manager of the year: Craig Counsell, Brewers; Mike Shildt, Cardinals; Brian Snitker, Braves.

We won 106 games, so why not Dave Roberts?
Is it possible that the baseball writers know more than Andrew Friedman? That Dave should be managing somewhere else next year if the Dodgers are ever going to win another World Series?

Jeff Pollack

Los Angeles


Bill Plaschke hit the Dodgers problems and solutions on the head. The only thing he omitted was the role that Dave Roberts played in this fiasco. He mismanaged the games in the postseason matchups, and then appeared surprised at the poor outcomes. Maybe we need a new manager? Just saying.

Deborah R. Ishida

Beverly Hills


I’ll admit it. In my phone call with Andrew Friedman, I did ask for a quid pro quo. I told Mr. Friedman that unless he acted immediately to improve the product that plays for the 2020 Dodgers, I will withhold any compensation I have committed for next season. Transcript available upon request.

Steve Horvitz

Los Angeles

Horsing around

Nobody grew up loving horse racing more than I did. My college schedule revolved around the local tracks. However, enough is enough. The loss of Mongolian Groom at Santa Anita in the final race Saturday was one too many. The track must be closed now and the so-called sport must be legally voted out in all 50 states.

Let’s show some humanity

Fred Wallin

Westlake village


Do we really need to read about another horse that tragically died at Santa Anita? Every week that’s all we hear about. It overshadows the beauty, grace, and elegance of this incredible sport.

People go to the track as an escape and to marvel as some of the greatest athletes strut their stuff. If all we read about is the dark side of the sport, then nobody will want to go anymore.

Craig London


Dwight lightning

I don’t think enough can be said about Dwight Howard‘s resurgence with the Lakers. In his last appearance here he was hampered by injury and never played up to our expected potential. Now, we think he’s a loser and he’s just killing it. I am so happy that we have all been proven wrong by this perennial superstar.

Kevin Williamson

Los Angeles


What the heck is going on? Who is that NBA player with the good attitude who is impersonating Dwight Howard?

Richard Raffalow

Valley Glen

What a load

Sorry, but I don’t get it. Kawhi Leonard can’t play 25-35 minutes (broken up into several segments) two nights in a row? On his home court? Adam Silver may buy it, but I don’t, nor would, I guess, a lot of Clippers fans.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles


I hereby announce that I will decrease my L.A. Times Sports Viewpoint submissions from four times a year to one ... due to literary writer’s load management.

Mark J. Featherstone

Windsor Hills

Stay in school

The best part of UCLA’s first game was watching two out of the three players who were suspended for the Chinese episode play a key role in the win. Cody Riley and Jalen Hill took responsibility for their actions, stayed in school and now are a major part of the team.

Learning the valuable lesson that people do make mistakes at a young age and the possibility of coming back even stronger is there if you want it . I would assume that family influence was a major factor in their comeback. Or you could be defiant, drop out of school, ruin your future and play against 30-year-olds in Lithuania . I’m sure family influence was the factor in that decision also.

Richard Katz

Los Angeles


Watching UCLA play Mick Cronin basketball reminds us that we never should have let Ben Howland get away.

Chip Chasalow

Los Angeles

Go Aztecs

Can we now root for Seattle to win the Super Bowl and Rashaad Penny to be named MVP? That would give San Diego State the trifecta after Kawhi Leonard in the NBA Finals and Stephen Strasburg in the World Series.

Bill Remy

Huntington Beach


So the Ducks lost because they were tired? Really?

I gotta save that one for the Angels next year.

Ron Reeve



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