XFL uniforms ranked: Will the L.A. Wildcats be the best dressed team in the league?


The soon-to-be-revived XFL revealed the helmets and uniforms for its eight teams this week, and some of the players are going to be looking pretty sharp out there when play begins in February.

We’re talking giant, badass dragons. Fearsome creatures with blood in their eyes. Bold logos. Innovative color schemes.

But the players for some team are going to look ... yawn ... wait, what were we talking about again?


Oh, yeah. Boring color schemes. Unoriginal designs. No dragons.

Here’s a ranking of all eight unis, from the coolest to the least inspiring. FYI, the helmets factor large in determining each team’s spot on this list.

1. Seattle Dragons

Just look at that helmet. Take a moment to appreciate what could possibly be the best looking protective headgear ever created. Here’s a closer look:

What a masterpiece! The rest of the uniform is kind of blah with an odd blue-green-orange mixture, but no one is going to be paying attention to that with those helmets in sight.

2. New York Guardians

As The Times determined over the summer, the Guardians have the league’s best logo. They went big and bold with that logo on the helmet, with bonus logos on each sleeve, and came away with one of the league’s best uniforms.

3. Dallas Renegades

Another great logo set against a striking powder blue background makes for another spectacular helmet. The rest of the uniform is rather pleasing to the eye as well.


4. Los Angeles Wildcats

L.A. has the best color combination in the league, with the black, orange and red used just right on these unis.

5. St. Louis BattleHawks

An enormous logo that takes up most of the helmet makes up for an otherwise bland look.

6. Tampa Bay Vipers

Cool colors, but nothing else really stands out. Kind of disappointing for a team named the Vipers.

7. Houston Roughnecks

The helmets are nice and shiny. And, hey, stars on the sleeves — that’s got to count for something, right?

8. DC Defenders

Way too much red. Not even lightning bolts down the side of the legs can save this snoozer from landing at the bottom of the list.