Letters: Readers don’t seem to be as confident as writers about the Dodgers


I’m already sick and tired of The Times’ myopic sports columnists handing the Dodgers the World Series on a silver platter based solely to the acquisition of Mookie Betts. Yes, Betts gives the team a formidable hitting lineup. But as any baseball fan knows, pitching is at least half the game and even more important in the playoffs. And a staff with now only one reliable premium starter, in Walker Buehler, and no longer any reliable closer will be lucky even to win the division title, much less make it to the playoffs.
So until the Dodgers’ staff is bolstered significantly, please, Plaschke and company, take off those rose-colored glasses.

Vincent Brook

Los Angeles


When picking up Thursday’s sports section, it seemed like I was reading one of your special advertising “puff-sections.” The first three pages were all Dodgers.
Here’s an idea, before the Dodgers are anointed as 2020 World Series champions, let them play at least one Cactus League game first.

Richard Whorton

Studio City


“Before the trade, Las Vegas oddsmakers put the over/under on the Dodgers victories at 98 1/2 with no other NL team above 91 1/2.”
Maeda ... gone, Ryu ... gone, Hill ... gone. So, instead of getting a top starting pitcher, one who would help them win the World Series, they sign another power-hitting outfielder.
Mr. Shaikin, the offseason may be the only thing the Dodgers win in 2020.

Alex Fernandez



Many here seem to be conceding the World Series to the Dodgers based on the acquisition of Mookie Betts, while apparently overlooking the importance of pitching in the playoffs, pitching on which, aside from Walker Buehler, the Dodgers will be relying mostly on unproven youth and some over-the-hill veterans both for starters and relievers. Good luck!
Jack Wishard
Los Angeles


Has someone checked Mookie Betts’ stats for the last few years comparing home and away batting percentages? If he knew every pitch for 81 home games during the last few years, could we expect a big drop off in his overall Dodger production?


David Waldowski

Laguna Woods


Just read Helene Elliott’s typically comprehensive and engaging article on the upcoming improvements being made at Dodger Stadium that will significantly improve fan experience and convenience. But then it dawned on me: Can ownership please use the latest technology to “beam” cars into and out of the parking lot?

Elliot Powers

San Diego


Joc is back! This is terrific news. Trading Joc was and would continue to be a great mistake. There is no better community ambassador outside Justin Turner. Our family loves Joc. He met our special gifts son Luke in Pittsburgh last year and when Luke walked away Joc called him back, signing the back of his “31” jersey, which adorns his bedroom wall. He has a baseball card of Champ Pederson on his dresser. When was the last time you got 36 home runs out of a platoon player? C’mon.

Gregory Orfalea


Cheat sheet

Because the Astros show no remorse, perhaps we can remind them of their wrongful ways.
Every time a Houston player steps into the batter’s box, we throw them a little “Game of Thrones” curve by repeating a growing chant of “Shame! Shame! Shame!” With the power of 50,000 fans it just may jangle a few memories.

Kirk Hulstrom

Sherman Oaks


After reading the text of the carefully rehearsed apology statement from Astros player Alex Bregman, I ran it through my Mr. Subliminal app to see what Bregman was really thinking, and it came out like this:

“I am really sorry (that we got caught) about the choices that were made by my team, by the organization and by me (try to keep a straight face and do not snicker). I have learned from this (next time be more covert) and I hope to regain the trust of baseball fans (seriously, do not snicker while walking away from the podium).


Richard Turnage



Many words describe Jim Crane at his tone-deaf news conference: ignorant, arrogant, pompous, condescending. But, the most apropos is simply cheater.
And given that he is a big, fat cheater, did we really expect that he would say and do the right thing?

William David Stone

Beverly Hills


The Astros could begin to recover their honor by simply returning the World Series trophy and rings, accompanied by a signed statement from the entire team that expresses remorse and that they do not deserve the possess them.

This kind of action on their part will begin their recovery and possibly prevent their being booed all year when on the road.

The Mike Bolsinger lawsuit is for the courts.

William Bergmann



Life ain’t fair and Rob Manfred and MLB are no exception to that rule. Take a supplement possibly by accident and get hit with an 80-game ban. Wear a buzzer and use live video cameras and trash can lids to steal and relay signs, the commissioner turns his head and looks the other way. Exactly what planet does he reside on?

Marty Foster

San Francisco


I can totally see the Astros players leading the league in getting hit by pitches in 2020. As a team, they’ll probably say, “We didn’t know that was coming.”

Dave Eng

Thousand Oaks


Remember when Fay Vincent suspended George Steinbrenner for life for trying to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield? Rob Manfred certainly doesn’t.


Mer Valdez

Long Beach

Oh, heavens

The Angels pulling out of the Joc Pederson/Ross Stripling trade when both would plug positions of need because of pride underscores why the Angels remain, and will continue to remain, a mid-pack non-contender for the foreseeable future.

Vincent Martinez

South Pasadena

Too much

I am against baseball playoff expansion. Have 14 teams make the playoffs? Way too many, especially in a 162-game season. Personally, I would reduce the season to 154 and keep the playoff teams at 10, but I know where those chances stand.

David McEnany


Clutch call

Jerry West’s fingerprints are all over the acquisition of Marcus Morris by the Clippers in a shootout over the Lakers. Players want championship rings, which seemingly arrive where West toils. The Lakers made a huge mistake in passing on West when he exited Golden State and inquired if the Lakers were interested in him joining their management team.


As I see it, the Lakers have two superstars and the Clippers have three, counting West.

Eddie Dawes

Hacienda Heights


Why in the world did the CBS golf crew swap Gary McCord and Peter Kostis for Davis Love III and Mark Immelman? McCord and Kostis have colorful personalities and opinions, much needed on golf telecasts. Watching TV golf is likened by many to watching paint dry. Love and Immelman are nice guys, but with them it’s like listening to paint dry.

Chris Cubbison


Clay’s last shot

I will say this about the USC coaching staff, aggressively and nimbly assembled by the new administration: If Captain Queeg — whoops, I meant Clay — can’t win enough big games this season, there are a lot of guys who’d be willing to give it a good shot next year.

Steve Ross

Beverly Hills

The Kings’ man

It’s good the Kings are stockpiling draft picks, but bad that Rob Blake will be selecting the draftees. His salary should be the next dump.


Ken Artingstall



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