Report of Amari Cooper shooting appears to be ‘fake news’


Dallas Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper seems to be alive and well, despite an internet report Wednesday that stated otherwise.

Someone with the Twitter account that went by the name The Offseason with the handle @TOffseason tweeted from Dallas early in the afternoon: “BREAKING NEWS: Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Amari Cooper shot in a parking garage in Dallas area. Coopers health is unknown, will follow with updates.”

The tweet and account appear to have been deleted since then — and for good reason, because the tweet was quickly proved to be inaccurate. Former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant tweeted that he had just heard from Cooper.

“coop just text me...” Bryant wrote. “I don’t get it.. why would anybody start a rumor like that?? Weirdos seriously.”


The Dallas Police Department tweeted that it had “NOT found any validity” to the original tweet concerning Cooper.

Finally, Cooper himself checked in, reportedly posting on Instagram that the report “was fake news y’all.”