Josie Harris, mother of three of Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s children, found dead

Josie Harris, an ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather Jr. and the mother of three of the boxer’s children, was found dead just outside Santa Clarita, authorities said.

The body of a woman was found just before 10 p.m. Tuesday in a vehicle parked in the driveway of her apparent residence, an L.A. County Sheriff’s Department statement said.

The coroner’s office confirmed Wednesday that the woman was Harris, Sheriff Alex Villanueva told KABC-TV.

Sheriff’s investigators and the coroner’s office were working to determine the cause of death, Villanueva said.


“It will take a while to figure that out,” he said.

In 2010, Harris alleged that Mayweather attacked her in Las Vegas. The following year, he pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge and served two months in jail.

In 2015, Harris sued Mayweather for defamation and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress in response to statements he made about the incident during an interview.

During his response to questions about domestic violence, Mayweather said: “Did I kick, stomp, and beat someone? No, that didn’t happen. I look in your face and say, ‘No, that didn’t happen.’ Did I restrain a woman that was on drugs? Yes, I did. So if they say that’s domestic violence, then you know what? I’m guilty of restraining a person.”

In 2018, a California appeals court ruled against Mayweather’s objections and allowed the lawsuit to proceed.