‘I do not do special teams. Ever.’ Will Ferrell pranks Seahawks during teleconference

Will Ferrell at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival
Will Ferrell is not an NFL player, but he played one on a teleconference. The actor-comedian pranked the Seattle Seahawks by impersonating tight end Greg Olsen.
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Greg Olsen found the right person to play himself in a hypothetical Hollywood production, although the new Seattle Seahawks tight might want Will Ferrell to work on his core muscles a bit before that ever happens.

Seahawks fans better hope that the real Olsen’s physique does not resemble that of the actor and comedian, who impersonated the player Thursday during a team teleconference.

The Seahawks shared a video of a portion of the meeting, which started with coach Pete Carroll welcoming some of the team’s newest acquisitions. He introduced Olsen, a two-time Pro Bowler who signed a one-year, $7-million contract with Seattle this offseason.

But the next person on the screen was not the former member of the Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers — instead it was Ferrell, the actor and comedian who was a fixture around the USC football program during Carroll’s time as the Trojans’ coach.


“Look, I know what you’re thinking — I’m an older guy, I’m 36,” the 52-year-old Ferrell said in character as Olsen (who is actually 35). “But I’ve been working out, don’t worry. I mean, does this look like the body of a 36-year-old?”

Ferrell then lifted his Seahawks jersey to reveal a midsection that does not resemble that of a professional athlete of any age.

“I don’t think so,” Ferrell said in answer to his own question. “My body is a temple, I know that’s what you guys preach there. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and nothing else. This is a yoga body.”


Ferrell’s version of Olsen had messages for several members of the organization.

— To quarterback Russell Wilson: “I love you. Let’s make a baby.”

— To offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer: “What I did mostly for Carolina is I drew up all my own plays, so I’m going to be adding a lot to the playbook. This one I just drew up: It’s called 90 Go Flywheel Kanye Starburst.”


— To tight end Luke Wilson: “I don’t know what you do in the offseason up there in Canada, but cut your ... hair and let’s play some football.”

— To special teams coordinator Brian Schneider: “I do not do special teams. Ever. Not even if all 52 guys are hurt.”

— To Carroll: “I really appreciate the fact that you’re going to allow me to actually do broadcasting during real games, so I’m only gonna play about 12 plays a game.”

New Orleans Saints v Carolina Panthers
Greg Olsen
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The real-life Olsen seemed to enjoy the joke, flabby abs and all.

“Everybody has taken a moment to wonder who would star in a movie about them-self. I now have my answer,” Olsen wrote on Instagram. “What a great welcome to the @seahawks by Will Ferrell and @petecarroll. Well played.”

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