Julian Edelman wants to have ‘uncomfortable conversations’ with DeSean Jackson

New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman
New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman offered his take on an anti-Semitic post by Philadelphia Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson. Jackson has apologized for posting passages attributed to Adolf Hitler on social media.
(Gary Landers / Associated Press)

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman has invited DeSean Jackson to visit the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., three days after the Philadelphia Eagles wideout posted anti-Semitic passages attributed to Adolf Hitler on social media.

Jackson has since apologized for the posts, saying he “never wanted to put any people down” and “was just trying to uplift African Americans and slavery and just enlighten my people.”

In a video posted Thursday on Instagram, Edelman suggested that the Black and Jewish communities should try to uplift and enlighten each other.


“I think the Black and Jewish communities have a lot of similarities. One unfortunate similarity is that they are both attacked by the ignorant and the hateful,” said Edelman, who was wearing a Star of David necklace and said he started identifying as Jewish later in life.

Stephen Jackson is not backing down from his defense of Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, who apologized Tuesday for posting anti-Semitic passages attributed to Hitler.

“It’s really hard to see the challenges a community can face when you’re not part of it. So what we need to do is, we need to listen. We need to learn. We need to act. We need to have those uncomfortable conversations if we’re going to have real change.”

Edelman, who also revealed an anti-Jewish slur had been used against him on the field in 2011, indicated that his only communication with Jackson in the past has been over social media. But he wants to change that — and at the same time begin working on the “real change” he feels both of them are seeking.

“DeSean, let’s do a deal: How about we go to D.C., I take you to the Holocaust Museum and then you take me to the Museum of African American History and Culture,” the Super Bowl LIII MVP said in the video. “Afterwards, we’ll grab some burgers and we have those uncomfortable conversations.”