Six Patriots opt out of NFL season? It’s obviously part of Bill Belichick’s master plan

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots will be without at least six players who have decided to opt out over coronavirus concerns.
(Matt Rourke / Associated Press)

It’s official — the New England Patriots are tanking!

Bill Belichick, meet Trevor Lawrence!

With six — count ‘em, six — New England players choosing to opt out of the upcoming season, fans in Foxborough and beyond already are dreaming of seeing the Clemson quarterback’s golden locks flowing out of a Patriots cap on draft night next April.

Who can blame them? Belichick, the mastermind of all masterminds, certainly wouldn’t allow any of this to happen if he didn’t have a brilliant plan up his sleeve to launch the next Patriots dynasty.


Who else would be able to talk Pro Bowl linebacker Dont’a Hightower into taking a $7.85-million pay cut?

What makes the NFL believe it can have a season amid the pandemic with no ‘bubble’ to separate players from the everyday world and in a contact-heavy sport?

Patrick Chung, Marcus Cannon, Brandon Bolden, Danny Vitale and Najee Toran also appear to be taking one for the team in order for Belichick to snag the next franchise quarterback.

Sure, the Patriots signed 2015 MVP Cam Newton during the offseason to replace quarterback Tom Brady, who for some reason decided he no longer wanted to play for the greatest mind in football and skedaddled to Tampa Bay.

But now we know that it was all just a smokescreen.

Why else would all those guys opt out the second they had the chance?

Pandemic, you say?

Please, don’t be so gullible. Just listen to these folks.

Some, if not all, of those folks may have had tongue in cheek, you say? Well, then, they are fools too.

Belichick’s motto is “No days off.” But when there’s a chance to draft a guy like Lawrence, it apparently changes to “Take the year off.”

What a genius!