Savannah Bananas call ticket resellers ‘booger eaters’

Five men in yellow uniforms dance on a baseball field.
Savannah Bananas, from left, Luke Kelley, Matt Malatesta, Maceo Harrison, Christian Dearman and Collin Ledbetter perform after the second inning during a game against the Kansas City Monarchs on May 6, 2022.
(Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times)

The Savannah Bananas, the wacky ensemble that turned baseball into performance art, have embarked on a world tour. Turns out the Bananas have something in common with Taylor Swift: Good luck getting a ticket to see either one play this summer.

The Bananas play in 33 cities this summer, from Las Vegas to Cooperstown, N.Y. In July, the tour stops in Southern California for three games in Rancho Cucamonga.

The tour is sold out. The best you can do is get on a waiting list.

Tickets are $25. As the team puts it: “No hidden fees, no tax, all bananas.”

My brother registered for Rancho Cucamonga tickets last year. He found out Friday that he is on the waiting list. In an email, the Bananas asked him not to take it personally.


“You’re still a really, REALLY cool person,” the Bananas assured him (and everyone else who got the same email).

The Bananas acknowledged that tickets might be on sale online, for much more than $25. Indeed, on Friday morning, StubHub listed two tickets for one of the Rancho Cucamonga games at $322 apiece, including fees.

“We actively identify and cancel tickets which are associated with distribution on third-party sites,” the Bananas wrote. “Those guys are booger eaters.”

If you have read this far and you don’t get why this is a big deal, do yourself a favor and read this dispatch from our David Wharton, who checked out the Bananas last year — and don’t miss the Mark Potts video atop the story.