These 6 artists from L.A. to Osaka made poster art of Shohei Ohtani for us


For the Los Angeles Times’ special section on “The Journey of Shohei Ohtani,” we commissioned five artists to create portraits of the baseball megastar.

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Kenichi Minami (NOY DESIGN)

Find more of Minami’s work @noydesign_minami.


Dave Murray

Find more of Murray’s work @dave__murray.

César R. Canseco

Find more of Canseco’s work

Bam Bam Yeh

Find more of Yeh’s work @bambambam.99.

Alycea Tinoyan

Find more of Tinoyan’s work @alyceaill.

Amy Matsushita-Beal

Find more of Matsushita-Beal’s work @colorshelf.