Hey, Clark, ready for your roadtrip? Here are some car prep tips


You’re ready for your annual summer road-trip, right? But is your car? Steps 1 and 2: Be sure your auto club card is current and that you bring a mobile phone charger. Beyond that, you should be aware of the following road trip tips, courtesy of RepairPal, a nationwide network of certified, pre-screened auto repair shops:

Don’t drop below a quarter tank

Not only does that save you when fuel stations become rare, it will extend the life of your fuel pump. Low gas levels can harm pumps.


Replace those filters

This is especially important for California areas hit by wildfires, where grit is heavy. Replacing your air filter regularly saves fuel and preserves system components.

What to do when stranded

After calling auto club for a tow, check out local repair shops ( options. The site offers an estimator tool that tells you what any kind of repair will cost. RepairPal shops will honor those prices.

Top off those tires

You can improve gas mileage by 3%, improve handling and safety and reduce wear all by making sure tires are properly inflated (check driver side door panel for pressure).


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