Web Buzz: Tripnary matches travelers to destinations

Could this app be the Tinder of travel?

Name: Tripnary

Available: iOS

Cost: Free


What it does: Lets you discover new places and create travel bucket lists based on photos from those who have gone before you. Then Skyscanner compares flight prices to your destinations. Your list is organized into a map ready for you to use.

What’s hot: I was surprised by the number of destinations and attractions the app introduced me to that I hadn’t heard of or considered important. When you’re looking at images, it’s fast and easy to “heart” the ones you like. The app keeps track for you and groups them by destination. Next, click over to the “Flights” section and see how the airfares to your destinations stack up against one another. I thought I wanted to go to New York or Hawaii, but flights to Austin, Texas, were less expensive. I’d “hearted” so many things I wanted to do and see there that I might consider a trip soon. The more pins you collect, the better your map to the city is.

What’s not: I struggled with the app’s “Plan” feature. The search bar wasn’t great for a city I didn’t know, so here’s the best way I found to hunt for points of interest. Use the funnel tool in the upper right, then type in, for example, “coffee house” in “Austin.” You’ll get a list of suggestions with their addresses. Click on those to get a picture you can “heart,” and it will be automatically added to your list organized by city in the funnel feature.