‘If this is the new L.A. Times, I’m all in’

Ancient Temple Against Sky During Sunset
Buddhist temple of Borobudur on the island of Java in Indonesia is one of a writer’s strongest memories.
(Nur Yunianto / Getty Images/EyeEm)

Hello, Susan Spano, “Drawn to the East” and “On the Lazy River” (Feb. 24): Welcome back. it’s been a long time and your well-written travel tales have been missed.

Hello, Christopher Reynolds. “Getting to the Heart of Seoul” (Feb. 24) led with an excellent composed photo capturing the spirit of the moment of mother, child and eating companion in the chaotic market eatery.

Hello, letter writer Bill Spitalnick (Feedback, Feb. 24): You are hilarious. A superstitious gambler is a loser against the house every time. You needed a 777, not 77, to win a jackpot, and I wager you will not get there anytime, soon or otherwise. No wonder it was “an ample reason to be sick.”

I”m a longtime subscriber. If this is the new L.A. Times, I am all in. Baseball, anyone?


Michael Lee

Los Angeles

Mum’s the word

I read your recent online article on Mérida, Mexcio (“Easygoing Mérida,” Feb. 17, by Margo Pfeiff): The unspoken rule about Mérida is if you’ve been there, you don’t tell anyone just how fantastic it is. OK? Thanks.

William Richardson